Orlando: 49 Farolitos

This exhibit is reproducible and available to be sent upon request with minimal set-up necessary. Please contact me with your proposal and the name of the organization you are affiliated with to set up shipping instructions.



I will provide the bags with the portraits on them along with cardboard inserts that help to keep the bags stable. The cost of shipping is about $15 each way.



You’ll need ten planks, about 10” wide x 40” long. Paint them white. I cut a couple of them shorter so I could make sharper turns if I wanted to. All together, the “path” of planks should be about 35’ long, accounting for some overlap. 0.453 in x48” x96” Birch ($39.95 at Home Depot) works really well. They cut it for free.



Get 20 bricks, two for every plank. They cost 35 cents each at Home Depot.



One bag of 50 pound all-purpose sand. $2.80 at Home Depot. I broke it up into four sandbags (39 cents each at Home Depot) to make it easier to transport.



Most venues insist on battery-operated candles.

Stunning flameless LED Tea Light Candles>

$11.99 for 24 candles.

Two cases only gets you 48 candles (and you need 49) but you should probably buy an extra set anyway in case some don’t work.



You can download these signs and have them printed out at Kinkos.



Set out a small table to set out blank bags and pens for visitors to leave a message. There should be enough leftover sand to put in these bags to display them.



Arrange the bricks and planks in a meandering, continuous path. If it's an outdoor exhibit, use to your advantage the slight rises or depressions in the landscape by climbing the planks partly up along a rise and diverting around depressions. Put about 3/4 of a cup of sand in each bag along with a candle. Arrange the bags, approximately 5 per plank, by slanting the faces towards the viewers (but not directly facing them) without blocking another bag. The order of the bags can be random, but I put couples in line next to each other, single file like the rest of the bags. The couples are: Juan P. Rivera Velazquez & Luis Daniel Conde, Juan Ramon Guerrero & Christopher Andrew Leinonen, Jean Carlos Mendez Perez & Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon and Oscar A. Aracena-Montero & Simon A. Carillo Fernandez. I also did this with best friends Amanda Alvear & Mercedez Marisol Flores.


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